Raw Amethyst Hook Earrings

Copper Amethyst Irregular Minimalist Hook Earring.
Amethyst carries a high frequency that protects the energy field, clears the aura and chakras, and purifies the individual, removing any negative energy and allowing them to move forward in life, into higher states of consciousness.

Amethyst stimulates the third eye crown and etheric chakras. It helps in enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.

Size: 3.6cm*1.5cm

Metal:  Copper, Gold plated.

Stone: Amethyst
Metal Color: Gold Plated
Shape: Raw, Uncut 
Stone Color: Purple 
Earring Type: Hook
Weight:  8.18 G
Unit: Pair
Category: Earrings

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